Planning for Life’s Stages

Strategies that Keep Up
With Your Life

Client Centered

We understand that life is not static and that each stage of your life requires special consideration. This is the reason why we begin every engagement with a financial plan.

This allows us to plan for today but also adjust as changes happen in your life. A carefully crafted financial strategy along with monitoring and adjusting of your investments, savings, and spending can help you achieve your goals.

Working Towards Retirement 

You are well established in your career and you plan to retire in more than 15 years from now. You are currently accumulating towards retirement and may have some conflicting goals that you want to manage. These goals may include things such as funding a child’s education, starting a business, buying a vacation home, or a different goal that is unique to you.

Going through a Divorce 

The impact of a divorce is often emotionally and financially profound. Separating assets
can leave you feeling insecure about your financial future and emotionally drained.
Because divorce can happen at any stage of life, we start by helping you put your financial picture back together. We then set up a plan to help you get back on track to meet your goals. 

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The Loss of a Spouse

The loss of a spouse is a very tragic event in someone’s life. Not only are you coping with many emotions but at the same time may need to make critical financial decisions. We can help you simplify the process of getting your finances in order during this very difficult time. We will work with you and your other financial professionals such as attorneys, insurance agents and other advisors to help you feel more secure about your financial future. 

Approaching Retirement 

You have been saving for retirement and are 5-10 years away from retiring. You are concerned about your ability to retire and may not be sure about how much you can live on. You may also have questions about how to best protect your family should something happen to you, or you may just want peace of mind knowing that you are financially on target for retirement.
We help you get peace of mind by reviewing your current savings and investments, and helping you develop a picture of what your retirement can look like. We will also address estate planning, insurance needs, and risk planning as needed.

Retiring or Already Retired 

You have worked hard during your career years and are now either retired or getting ready to retire in 1-4 years. You are planning to enjoy the free time or may be getting ready to embark on a new stage of your life that may include a second career. You would like to consolidate all your accounts, rollover any 401K or pension plan and have a clear view of your assets so they can be easily managed. You want to feel secure that you do not run out of money during your retirement years, but you can also enjoy this time to pursue your interests.
We help you get peace of mind by assessing your spending needs, developing an income strategy that will complement fixed income streams like pensions and social security and create a portfolio for you that will provide both income and growth.

Planning Fees 

Azzendo Wealth Advisors charges a one-time fee for financial planning based on the complexity of the client’s financial situation. In general, our financial planning fees range from $3,500 to $5,000 depending on the client needs. This fee schedule is based on our hourly planning rate of $350.

If the client chooses Azzendo Wealth Advisors to implement the financial plan and engage the firm for asset management services, then 50% of the financial planning fees will be fully credited against future investment management fees. (client must meet account size minimum).

In limited circumstances, the total cost could potentially exceed the range based on the complexity of the plan. In such cases, the client will be notified in advance.

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