Media Room

Cathy Pareto is widely quoted by the media and has provided investment and personal finance quotes for publications and television shows such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, FOX Business, PBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, Jean Chatzy’s blog and More Magazine articles, The Miami Herald, The Daily Business Review, Forbes, Investopedia, WLRN, Accountant’s World, Florida Medical Business, Divorce360 and many more.

You can find a condensed list of media quotes and coverage on this page below. Be sure and also check out our videos.

12/27/2022 NBC Today Show

The new year offers a fresh start for people looking to put a new focus on their finances. NBC’s senior consumer investigative correspondent Vicky Nguyen reports with money moves to consider going into 2023 and features some great tips from Cathy Pareto.

10/04/2019 Bankrate

Cathy gets quoted in Experts vs. Everyday Americans. Find out how much you should have in your emergency fund.

3/21/2018 The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ conducted an Advisor Profile: Focusing on LGBT Clients’ Planning Needs

3/24/2018 The Miami Herald

Cathy gets quoted in the Miami Herald discussing retirement abroad “This cop is retiring to a home on the Pacific. And it’s not costing him millions.”

6/12/2017 The Wall Street Journal

Check out Cathy’s quotes in “Why Women Gain More Than Men by Working Longer”

3/2/2017 Capital Ideas, from Capital Group

“Building My Practice: How to Reach Female Investors” offers a candid interview on how our founder, Cathy Pareto, structured the practice to work extensively with female clients.

12/06/16 Manta – The Place for Small Business

Cathy gets quoted in “Why You Need to Give Yourself a Paycheck”

4/14/2016 Diversity Woman Magazine

Check out Cathy’s comments in “Is your retirement on track? Nine tips for investing for the long term” Diversity Woman Magazine (summer edition) starting on page 43.

3/22/2016 Financial Planning

Financial Planning Magazine quotes Cathy in “Could Ginnie Mae Funds Fall Out of Favor?”

10/21/2015 Money quotes Cathy in “Five Financial Numbers You Should Know off the Top of Your Head.”

5/11/2015 CNBC

CNBC quotes Cathy in “Same-sex couples in financial limbo until Supreme Court rules“.