Cathy Pareto and Associates is now Azzendo Wealth Advisors

Cathy Pareto and Associates is now Azzendo Wealth Advisors

July 26, 2023

It's Official!

Cathy Pareto and Associates is now Azzendo Wealth Advisors.

We are excited to unveil our new name and logo. You will now see our new logo displayed on our website, social media, your account statements, mobile app, and our email accounts.

What’s Changing?

We now have a new name and logo. What’s NOT changing? Our commitment to service, professionalism, integrity, and our existing investments and technology platforms.  We are still the same team, same account oversight, same personalized service, and same values...just working under a new brand.

Does the New Name Reflect New Ownership?

Our firm has not been absorbed or purchased by another firm. As we continue to grow we want to be able to give rising stars the opportunity to become part of an ensemble practice.

What Does the Name Azzendo Mean?

The name Azzendo was conceived as a play of words between the word Ascend and Do. We believe that in order to fulfill our goals as individuals we need to make the conscious choice of moving forward and doing things that will help us achieve our goals.

Why the Change?

As we have expand our team of professionals, we want an identity and logo that better describes who we are and what we do. Part of our role in the lives of our clients is to advise in all areas of our client’s financial portfolio and be their overall “wealth advisor”. We do this by providing ongoing financial planning, not just portfolio management.  

Are There Other Changes?

As we continue to grow, we strive to grow our team’s capabilities and knowledge, so we can continue to help you ascend and achieve your goals. We are currently exploring expanding our team by adding a new office and new team members, while maintaining a personalized boutique experience for our valued clients. Stay tuned for more exciting news as we grow our local teams to better serve you.